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WARPCON is a three day gaming event hosted on the campus of University College Cork and is one of the best options in Ireland for a weekend of fun, games and just pure shenanigans. This year's convention runs from January 26th to 28th.


RPGs are a major part of each WARPCON. This past year the convention was host to 25 separate scenarios accross the weekend. These scenarios all used different systems for play including, Scion, Higher Powers and also some homebrew systems. Our hope is to continue to host as many scenarios this for the coming year. We rely on you, our attendees to create the scenarios and run them.

View our current selection of RPGs for this years con at the following link


LARPs are an opportunity for you to fully act out role playing scenarios. WARPCON was host to 10 seperate LARP scenarios in 2017 from huge cataclysms sinking much of the world into the ocean, to a dramatic wrestling tournament, there was a scenario for everybody.

View our current selection of LARPSs for this years con at the following link


Wargames are your chance to control huge armies, hords of soldiers, space marines and more in giant campaigns vs other attendees. This coming year there will be a 2000 point WARHAMMER 40K tournament, X-wing tournaments and more. More details of these shall be announced later.

More info available at the current link


Whether you're a fan of Yu-gi-oh, or Magic the Gathering there's an event for you at WARPCON. In the past the convention has been host to Yu-gi-oh regionals, CCG release events and also drafts during the weekend. This coming year we'll be host to an Legend of the Five Rings Kotei event and more over the weekend.

More info available at the current link


Are children allowed at this event?

Yes. Children are permitted at the event, however we do require that a parent is present with them at all times.

Which charity does the event support?

For yet another year WARPCON is immensely proud to support the Cork City Hospitals Children's Club. A charity close to the hearts of many in Cork and that we have had a great relationship with for many years. We will be raising money for them in our annual charity auction as well as taking donations in our charity buckets around the con throughout the weekend and at some of our special events. For more information on this wonderful Charity and the work they do see their facebook page.

Will there be any special guests?

There will be special guests present at the event, however they haven't been announced yet. If you'd like to keep up to date with who may be at the event then please follow us on our Facebook page.

What is the events policy on harassment?

There is a zero tolerance policy on harassment. For the full policy please view the following page.

Are group bookings available?

For group bookings, contact our director, Robert Brennan, at warpcondirector@gmail.com

Passes for group bookings should be collected and distributed by one person from your group. Please inform us in advance who you nominate to do so, otherwise we will assume it to be the person we were in contact with when making the booking.

I bought something at last years charity auction and still need to pay. What are the bank details?

If you still owe money from last year's Charity Auction or you need to find the details after this year's Charity Auction, then you can find our bank details below!

IBAN: IE23 BOFI 9096 9537 4533 61



Ticket Type Price Buy Now
Weekend (Adult) €20
Weekend (Student) €17
Weekend (Child) €15
Day (Adult) €12
Day (Child) €8
Wargames (Weekend) €28
CCGs (Weekend) €8
RPG/LARP €3 ---
Boardgames Passport €5 ---
T-shirt €15 ---

When & Where?

This years convention will be running from the 26th to the 28th of January.

Trade Hall Opening Hours:

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