LARPs are an opportunity for you to fully act out role playing scenarios. WARPCON was host to 10 seperate LARP scenarios in 2017 from huge cataclysms sinking much of the world into the ocean, to a dramatic wrestling tournament, there was a scenario for everybody.

Submissions for this years convention will be open soon at the link below.

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Starfleet's Irregulars: Episode 2
Who Dares, Wins
Not Far Enough
Tales of Thedas: Prophets and the Powerful
Blood and Iron LARP: Requiem for the Fallen Part One
PWEC: New Year Knockout 3
Not Far Enough
Ravensdale Academy Issue 2/5: Good Sport
City of No Flag


PWEC: New Year Knockout 3

Players: 14 returning, 6 new

System: PWEC

Writer: The PWEC GM Team, Padraig O'Rúis and Jon Butler

We are back yet again with the New Year Knockout, the first show of the year and the roster is looking to make their mark. With a brand new World Champion, everyone on the roster is looking to unseat him and what better way than with the New Year Knockout match: a battle royale where two competitors start, and a new one enters every minute. Whoever's left gets a title shot whenever they want.

And let's not forget the reigning and defending Unlimited Champion who grows more and more dominant with each passing day. And if you want dominant champions, let's not forget about Iron Maiden: the unstoppable PWEC Women's Champion will look set to continue her reign of terror and run rough shot through the division.

All of this and more coming to you live from Mexico City. This. Is. PWEC.

(No prior wrestling knowledge needed to enjoy this game)

Tales of Thedas: Prophets and the Poweful

Players: 10-15

System: Dragon Age

Writer: Eimear Quinn

“And thus fell the eye of the Maker upon Andraste, she who would be raised up from outcast to become His bride. From her lips would fall the Chant of Light, at her command would the legions of righteousness fall upon the world”

As a slave, Andraste sung to the gods for help, but the false gods of the wind and sea did not hear her words. The one true Maker did, and he blessed her with the truth. Not all are willing to accept her word as the word of a god however, and her teachings threaten to topple nations and dislodge the powerful from their thrones. It is not within the nature of humans to yield peacefully and thus the powerful plot against this so-called prophet.

In the darkest hour, it can be hard to know who deserves your trust. No matter who you are, there are enemies on all sides and when your back is against the wall, can anyone really say what you’re capable of?

Starfleet's Irregulars: Episode 2

Players: As many as want to play

System: Homebrew LARP

Writer: Irene

You may not be the best crew in the Federation but you're still Starfleet Officers. So a rescue missing and a bit of exploration should be no problem... right?

Well, that all depends on what you find and who you rescue.

Who Dares, Wins!

Players: 14

System: Homebrew LARP

Writer: Sweet & Sorrow

We are pleased to announce a brand new reality TV Extravaganza, from the makers of No Privacy, and Exposed & Scared comes- Who Dares, Wins!

14 lucky contestants will spend night after night in Stately Undergrove Manor, which has been abandoned for decades and is rumoured to even be haunted - Creepy!

The last contestant daring enough to stay in the house, and survive each round of evictions, will not just win the admiration of the public but also ownership of Undergrove Manor itself and the surrounding grounds.

So send us an application saying why you deserve a space in the house, and remember: Who Dares, Wins!

A game of Social Drama and “friendly” competition for 14 daring contestants, by Sweet & Sorrow.

City of No Flag

Players: 6+

System: Oceania LARP System

Writer: Sly Dirk Games

Numidia has grown Quite big since its humble beginnings with the Carthage orbiting a base transition star. Now there stations, planetoids, Mining, trade, an increasing population and a ton of space traffic in one of the most cosmopolitan, and open systems in that Badlands Sector, of the Scutum–Centaurus Arm, of the Milky-way Galaxy.

That does not mean you are without Enemies, Rogue AIs, Corporate Megalomaniacs, A spacial Empire with more power than sense and any amount of bounty hunters all cause disquiet in you little corner of space.

But you are strong. You sing no anthems, Pay no Taxes, hold no Loyalties. You are a system of rebels, a System of no nations. Your stations are all City of No Flag.

City of No Flag is an ongoing LARP by Sly Dirk Games, Set in the Unclaimed Worlds Universe

Not Far Enough

Players: 8-16

System: Homebrew LARP

Writer: Gavin Walsh

Year: 2336

Location: Icarus 2 in low orbit of the Sun.

5 years.

5 long years.

Humanity is on the edge of collapsing after a bloody war tearing apart the system. Having fought to a brutal standstill the forces of United Earth Alliance the Martian League and the newly formed Belt Confederacy have agreed to a ceasefire to discuss a possible peace deal. Is this an earnest attempt at forging a lasting peace or merely a distraction while they lick their wounds and prepare another offensive?

There are rumors however of something else at play. Whole cities going missing, strange vessels stalking battlefields and more things out there in the dark. Is this just hearsay, the work of one of the nations, or something else more sinister lurking just outside of sensor range….

A game of political negotiation, planetary manipulation, and definitely avoiding conflict at all costs for 8-16 people

Ravensdale Academy Issue 2/5: Good Sport

Players: 20

System: A Homebrew Improv Storytelling LARP system

Writer: Feargal Keenan

It's the Ravensdale Sports Day! It's like any other boarding school sports day only the egg and spoon race is a bomb disposal simulation and the obstacle course involves robots. Formerly killer ones.

What more can you expect from a school for the super folks of tomorrow sports fans? Aside from the pool going for which villain attacks first and the Heroes Vs Villains duelling circle extravaganza!

Go for gold kids! Except you Kid Midas, keep those hands to yourself.

Blood and Iron LARP: Requiem for the Fallen Part One

Players: 15-30

System: Modified Victorianna 1st edition/Freeform

Writer: Dudley Martin

It is the beginning of the year of our lord 1866, the Taiping rebellion enters its sixteenth year, and the American civil war enters its sixth, with no end in sight. The rich become richer and the poor become poorer, the blood of the innocent is shed for the material wealth sought by so many.

But, War. War never changes.

The Romans waged war to gather slaves and wealth. Spain built an empire from its lust for gold and territory. Britain conquered most of the world to feed its voracious engines of industrialization.

But war never changes.

Western Colonialism has spread across the globe, plundering material wealth and leaving death and destruction in its wake. Looking upon colonial populations as inherently lesser than Europeans, the Colonial powers rape and pillage with little to no regard for those suffering under their rule. Oppressed peoples throughout the British Empire await a time to rise and liberate themselves. But the forces of the Empire remain powerful and in control.

The storm of war threatens the Empire. An enemy has emerged on English soil, with forces that threaten the security and peace of the centre of the Empire. The state funeral may be over, but the needs of the fallen remain. The British military has a policy of leaving no man behind and you have people who need to be rescued. A new phase in the coming war commences, as forces of the empire undertake a dangerous mission behind enemy lines.

No matter what happens there will be suffering. Because war, war never changes.

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