Wargames are your chance to control huge armies, hords of soldiers, space marines and more in giant campaigns vs other attendees. Our events for the coming convention haven't been set in stone yet, but details will be announced shortly on this site.


Event Time
Warhammer Saturday 26th - 9:00am



When the Cicatrix Maledictum ripped across the galaxy, whole systems were torn asunder. Daemons and beasts poured through the cracks in reality and thousands of worlds were left stranded. But for some this was not a time of peril, but a time to rejoice and seize opportunity. Several devoted servants of the Blood God were about to watch their hard work come to fruition. Through manipulation, treachery, "random" warp storms, meticulous planning and tremendous restraint, armies from all over the galaxy were all converging in one spot... Planet Warpconicus. Freshly spilled forth from the birth of the Cicatrix Maledictum, Warpconicus would be the arena for a great offering to Khorne. A brutal war fought on many sides, leading to unending slaughter and carnage. Who would emerge victorious? Who would be immortalised in the skulls of the Skull Throne? Who would perish unremembered forever...

Find out at Warpcon XXIX, where you can join the fight on planet Warpconicus! It'll be a two day, 5 game, 1750 point, Warhammer 40k tournament for all!

We will be using all up to date GW official FAQs and Chapter Approved. So, check them out!


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