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What is Warpcon?

Warpcon is Corks biggest gaming convention, this year will will be running the convention from 24th-26th of January. There is a wide range of events from tournaments and RPGs to a pub quiz and a charity auction.

This year is business as usual, a weekend of games and banter.

Frequently asked.

Where is the convention hosted?

Our convention is hosted on the University College Cork Campus. The events are spread out throughout the various building but you will be able to get all that information from our convention book at registration.

Where do I buy my ticket?

Tickets are sold at the front desk in Devere Hall. Devere Hall is located on the second floor of the student center, just up the hill from the front gates of UCC. The front desk is also where you can pick up your tickets if you have paid through PayPal.

What kind of events do you run?

We run a variety of events. We have many RPGs running throughout each of the days. We also have wargames tournaments. If you are interested in board games we have a huge collection and open tables in the main hall, there is only a 2 euro deposit to take out a game which you get back on returning it.

Where/When are RPG and LARP sign ups?

Sign ups start one hour before the games in the O’Rahilly Building (ORB). The sign up desk is next to the entrance. Sign up is 3 euro, please bring coins if you can.

How can I donate to the charity auction?

If you have something you would like to donate to the charity auction please contact warpconcharity@gmail.com. We can’t always accept everything due to the time constraints of the auction but please email us if you have something!

What to do?

Relax and Board Game

Chill out in the main hall and play some of the board games in our massive collection.

Check out the pub quiz

On friday evening we host our pub quiz right next to the main hall in the bar. It’s a night of banter and good music, you can’t go wrong.

Play an RPG

RPG Sign ups are taken at the front desk, there is always a huge variety to choose from!

Charity Auction

Saturday we host our charity auction, all the money goes to Cork City Hospitals Children’s Club. This is always the highlight of the weekend. Come to check out the crazy items and maybe snag something yourself.

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