Cubicle 7

Friday to Sunday – Devere Hall Demo Table 6

The award winning creative team behind The One Ring Roleplaying Game, Adventures in Middle-earth™, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay Fourth Edition, The Doctor Who Card Game, Doctor Who Roleplaying Game, the upcoming Age of Sigmar Roleplaying Game, and many, many more.

Pelgrane Press

Saturday to Sunday from 11 – Devere Hall Demo Table 5

Their groundbreaking GUMSHOE investigative roleplaying system shifts the focus of investigative play from finding clues (or worse, not finding them) to interpreting clues, solving mysteries, and moving the action forward.

Pelgrane Press is also the home of the webzine Page XX, The Birds comic, and RPG soundtracks by James Semple and fellow composers

Steve Jackson Games

Friday to Sunday – Devere Hall Demo Table 4

The MIBs from SJG will be here showcasing the wondrous and copious amount of games  to you all. come along and learn how to stab your friends in the back whilst also getting back stabbed simultaneously.


Friday to Saturday – Devere Hall Demo Table 3

In Stegaboran a game is taught to children to help them understand the creatures that inhabit the forests and mountains that surround them. This knowledge is necessary for these children to protect themselves as they grow up and venture out into the world.

Whilst seeking glory with the sword or simply fishing to put food on the table, a weary traveller may find themselves in a crowded inn, in a dim and dusty room, where it is adults who now play the game, not for knowledge, but for greed and for pride, for gold and for power.


Friday & Sunday – Devere Hall Demo Table 2

Mahjong is a Japanese board game at the crossroads between rummy and poker. Played with tiles, it takes the basics mechanics of the first, and adds some subtleties to make it into an information-gathering, risk management game with similar thought processes to the latter.
Unlike the derived tile-matching computer game more famous in the West, the original game of mahjong is a thrilling competitive game that makes use of a wide skill set. Complete beginners or advanced players, why not come and discover the game?

Radiant: Offline Battle Arena

Friday – Devere Hall Demo Table 5

The MOBA-Inspired Strategy Card Game
Designed in UCC and published by Cork-based company Heel Turn Games, Radiant is the product of over four years of design and development time. Radiant is a challenging, competitive game that rewards tactical thinking and the ability to hold your nerve. Inspired by MOBA games like League of Legends or DOTA, it will particularly appeal to e-sports fans and fans of collectible or living card games. Bring a friend and learn to play with game designer Jack Murray. Everyone who plays a demo will walk away with a special full art promo card.

Warhammer Build Paint Play

Saturday – Devere Hall

Hi folks, Jordan here from the Warhammer Cork Store! Writing to let you know that I’ll be bringing the Warhammer Cork Demo table with me to Warpcon 2020! So if you or anyone you know have yet to see what Warhammer is all about you can pop over to my table at any point during the day and BUILD, PAINT + PLAY Warhammer for the first time! You’ll even get to keep your very first painted miniature! Looking forward to seeing you all!

Warhammer 40k

Sunday 12-5PM – Devere Hall

Warhammer 40K is a table top boardgame where you collect, assemble and paint miniatures to do battle in the Grim Darkness of the far future. Mankind struggles to control the Galaxy in a time of War between ancient foes such as the Eldar and Necron, to newer races such as the Tau, all while the evil menace of the Tyranids hunger to destroy all life as we know it.
Come and try out the game with some tester armies and a friendly host. All you need to play will be provided.

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