Sign ups will be in the ORB by the entrance from 1 hour before the event.


The FYB Contract

6PM – Council Chambers

Type: LARP
System: Home brew cyberpunk
Players: 16
Skill Level: Intermediate
Blurb: The Poseidon is the largest free floating city in any Ocean. This corporate free havan has been afloat for four years in international waters and give great discounts to the rich and famous that want to avoid tax. This would be a perfect utopia apart from the owner of the city ships has been found dead. Now. Rich men worry they are going to die, so they make… Certain contracts to deal with that. You will get a great reward for avenging his death
Author: Dave M Hayes


6PM – ORB G39

Type: RPG
Players: 6
Skill Level: Intermediate
Blurb: Sixty years ago, a nightmarish play – THE KING IN YELLOW – was published, and the world went mad. Now, it’s 1947, and the Continental War is in its seventeenth year. You’re far from the front lines, though, and surely you cannot say your duties are onerous, when you only need to fire a single bullet each day…

A game of surreal horror using the YELLOW KING rules.
Author: Gareth Hanrahan

A Relaxing Day in the Empire’s Service

6PM – ORB G40

Type: RPG
System: Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Ed
Players: 4-6
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: Meryns Folly is a ruin, an Inn, a bridge over one of the many waterways that litter the Empire, a waystation for hunters in the dark forests of Reikland and foothills of the Mountains, and more recently a small farming community too. It is also the place where the Official you’re guarding has dragged you out for a meeting instead of going straight to Nuln like you were supposed to be doing.
The only question on your mind is if you can count a few days drinking beside the river for hazard pay. 


Silent Hill Dundalk

10AM – ORB G38

Type: RPG
System: Chronicles of Darkness
Players: 4-5
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: A group of friends return home to Dundalk to visit family. The city is shrouded in a cold mist. Residents moan and shamble. The streets are quiet and old paint flakes off buildings like dead skin. It takes them days to realise something is even wrong with the town. 

Yet that’s all about to change when they receive a strange radio broadcast suggesting something is very wrong with their hometown.

For Dundalk, that’s saying a lot.
Author: Eimear Quinn

The Clocktower Girls  At the Big Top

10AM – Tower 1

Type: RPG
System: Fate Accelerated
Players: 6
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: The Clocktower Girls  At the Big Top
A Steampunk Game of Hijinx for 6 Adventurous School Girls
“Roll up, Roll up! Boys and Girls, Ladies and Gentlemen. Come one, Come all to the greatest show on this world and any other! Be amazed by our fearsome menagerie, our death defying acrobatic feats and our gallery of the macabre!” 
It’s 1899 and the circus has come to the sleepy english county of Bedfordshire and the girls of St. Theodora’s Boarding School for Young Women aren’t about to let something as silly as being banned from attending get in the way of seeing the greatest show on earth!

Author: Michael Calnan and Dave Hayes


10AM – ORB G39

Type: RPG
System: 5th Edition D&D
Players: 6
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: In the magical tower of Professor Herbias Brindlegrog, smack dab in the middle of the fortress city of Vanguardia, there is magical item so powerful and impossible to control that it has been deemed too dangerous to ever be used. Were it to fall into the wrong hands, the world would be plunged into darkness and chaos would reign. It could spell the end of the world as we know it. 

Six Goblins are gonna steal it.

Sit down, strap in and shut up as your greasy team of goblinoid heroes(?) are literally launched out of a catapult at the city with nothing but a hand-drawn map, some rusty weapons and their wits. 


10AM – Council Chambers

Type: LARP
System: Homebrew
Players: 16-24
Skill Level: There will be a mix of character types for all skill levels
Blurb: The Weaver has trapped the Wyrm. The Wyld is lashing out at those trying to help it. Gaia is missing. I fear the worst for her. I ask you now cousins to come together in her name and help foster the children she left behind. You are the great forces of the world. The Incarnae. And Earth needs your help. 

A game of esoteric politics, and world shaping against overwhelming odds set loosely in Werewolf the Apocalypse 
Author: Gavin Walsh

City of No Flag

2PM – Council Chambers

Type: LARP
System: Oceania LARP System
Players: 40
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: An ongoing LARP by Sly Dirk Games, Set in the Unclaimed Worlds Universe

Numidia has grown Quite big since its humble beginnings, with the Carthage orbiting a base transition star. Now there are stations, planetoids, mining, trade, an increasing population and a ton of space traffic in one of the most cosmopolitan, and open systems in that Badlands Sector, of the Scutum–Centaurus Arm, of the Milky-way Galaxy.

That does not mean you are without Enemies; Rogue AIs, Corporate Megalomaniacs, A spacial Empire with more power than sense and any amount of bounty hunters all cause disquiet in your little corner of space.

But you are strong. You sing no anthems, Pay no Taxes, hold no Loyalties. You are a system of rebels, a System of no nations. Your stations are all Cities of No Flag. 
Please note that this is an 18+ event.
Author: Sly Dirk Games 

Xceptions and Xecutions (CANCELED)


Type: LARP
System: Homebrew X-Men 2099 
Players: 10-15
Skill Level: Intermediate
Blurb: It’s 2099! Cars Fly. TV goes right to your brain. Milk is a narcotic. Great stuff. Only you’re a “filthy Mutie” so you’re less than shock. Pardon my Leet. Stuck in a Detainment Camp until you expire…or get expired. Like in three hours when the Warden wipes out your cellblock unless you provide whoever stole from his office…unless of course …someone’s got an alternative…
Author: Feargal Keenan

Betrayal on The High Seas: Blood Runs Thick

2PM – Tower 1

Type: RPG
System: Dungeons and Dragons 5e
Players: six
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: After unwittingly helping an Ancient Kraken gain the power of the oceans a group of pirates must gather both friend and foe alike to combat the threat, but will their combined forces be enough to stop this ancient evil. 
Author: Matthew Toner

Muppets of Madness

6PM – ORB G38

Type: RPG
System: Call of Cthulhu (Percentile)
Players: 6
Skill Level: Intermediate
Blurb: As the crew of the Hisponola sail off, leaving Long John Silver marooned and with no treasure to show for it, Jim notices something odd, the compass Long John gave him seems to react when he passes it near an old map in the captains cabin. It seems to point to a place near the antarctic circle..
TL:DR: The cast of Muppets Treasure Island vs an Lovecraft/Aliens inspired scenario
Author: Legendgerry

The Third Age; Chapter One, the Death of Earendur 

6PM – Council Chambers

Type: LARP
System: The One Ring
Players: 15
Skill Level: Beginner gaming experience, and primers on lore will be provided, bus some reading is recommended. 
Blurb: It is the Third Age, an age of men, now long past the days of great heroes of legend.
Earendur King is dead, and now Arnor lies disputed by his three sons and skeins of power they have wrought. It is a period of great uncertainty for all.
You are not great nobles, rather, you are simple soldiery living out your duty at the fortress watchtower of Weathertop at the centre of these lands. As it stands Weathertop flys the flag of all Arnor, but what may happen to this small piece of the kingdom in the future will be shaped by your hands alone.
Author: Eoin Murray, Seán Donnelly, Xander Cosgrave 

On the Hunt: Why did the Chicken Crossover 

6PM – ORB G40

Type: RPG
System: Modified Crucible 
Blurb: Hunters lead fragmented lives. They are split off from society but must exist on its fringes. That’s the accepted cost of facing the supernatural. They only really touch the normal when it is troubled by the abnormal. 
When animal corpses are found on a university campus, three teams of Hunters arrive to investigate. Hunters don’t usually work together, but things like this tend to escalate and time is of the essence.
Featuring the Mustang Brothers, the Newbie Gang and Victoria Angel
Authon: Feargal Mac Carthaigh


Star Trek Irregulars: Episode 6

10AM – Council Chambers

Type: LARP
System: Homebrew LARP
Players: As many as want to play
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: Badly damaged, your ship, the USS Saint Jude, has been towed to a starbase for repair. Will you find assistance there or conspiracy and danger?
Author: Irene & Shane

The Company of Da Vinci

10AM – ORB G39

Type: RPG
System: Savage Worlds
Players: 6
Skill Level: Any
Blurb: The Company of Da Vinci

It is 1499, and His most Catholic Majesty, Louis, requires the pleasure of the company of Leonardo Da Vinci. 
Da Vinci is the cleverest man in Europe, and after the fall of his patron, Ludvico Sforza, he has had to flee the safety of Florence to seek refuge in Venice. There, agents of the Papacy and the Hapsburg Emperor seek to capture or kill him. King Louis will not be outdone, and has gathered a team of skilled agents to infiltrate Venice, extract Da Vinci and bring him back to France. You might not yet be Musketeers, but you have hats with giant plumes! Cloaks! Daggers! Muskets! (Maybe) And a commission from the King! Vice La France! 
A Swashbuckling adventure, using the Savage Worlds system, in renaissance Venice. 
Author: Dr Mike Cosgrave

The Nazca Lines

10AM – ORB G40

Type: RPG
System: Scion
Players: 6
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: From the west, the Atzlani are slaughtering village after village, taking any survivors as sacrifices to their cruel and merciless gods. From the north, strange travelers are marching towards the Incan empire in conquest, claiming riches and lands alike in the name of some unknown deity they call España. Time is running out. The Great Calendar is coming to a close, and the new era may be one without your pantheon.
Your village had a run in with the foreign soldiers. The town did not survive, but luckily you and a few others from scattered parts of the empire managed to escape. Can you put aside your differences and survive the onslaught from rival tribes, conquistadores and the jungle itself?
Author: Rowland Cooper

The Last Days of the Imperial Senate: A Star Wars Story

2PM – Council Chambers

Type: LARP
System: Homebrew
Players: 12-16
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: Having just downed your glass of delicious blue milk you scramble onto speeders, skiffs, and ships. An emergency session of the Senate has been called. Whispers flood the Imperial bureaucracy regarding changes to the way the galaxy is run. Now is the last opportunity to leave your mark, for good or for ill. These are the last days of the Imperial Senate. 

A Star Wars Political LARP for 12-16 Imperial Subjects of Varying Loyalty 
Author: Gavin Walsh and Conor Swift

Beneath a Frozen Sea

2PM – ORB G39

Type: RPG
System: D&d 5e 
Players: 3 to 6
Skill Level: Beginner
Blurb: It’s winter in the northern village of Volcehold, and it’s the coldest of thats ever been. “The sea has frozen over and in the light of noon, I could see that the tide went out further than it ever has before. Frozen shipwrecks and abandoned mer foke settlements are up for plunder. Who will join me!”
Who will join Hunter Volk on a mad rush under the Frozen Sea for treasures?
 This is essentially a dungeon dash, filled with environmental hazards against the clock before the tide returns. 
Author: Paul Chambers

Seven kingdoms ( Midwinter Festival)

2PM – Council Conference

Type: LARP
System: Own system 
Players: 15 to 18
Skill Level: Intermediate
Blurb: Everyone always looks forward to Penrith’s midwinter festival, and this year is no exception with plentiful food and drink, music & dancing it’s a much anticipated break from the norm.This year though there are whispers, rumours of trouble, bandits, wolves and even monsters it’s just talk right? This a high fantasy larp for over 18
Author: Iona Willett

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